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Your Need - a BETTER approach to acquiring software
Software is a powerful business tool, saving money and delivering better services. Or at least, that is what it is capable of doing. But acquiring the right software that suits your organisation and delivers those benefits is not an easy task. The myriad of off-the-shelf software products that are available usually do not fit your business requirements and in many cases changing those products to do what your business needs can be cumbersome, expensive and time-consuming, if it is possible at all. One option used in the 1980's and early 1990's was using in-house development units to build bespoke systems. This approach did circumvent the "poor fit" problem but it is no longer cost-effective.

The Solution - use Softonomy
We offer an alternative. Building software is our expertise and core activity and we can take on the burden of providing your organisation with the software that it needs. We build software solutions that closely fit your business requirements enabling your organisation to fully leverage software technology. We can do this by building the required software using our ready-made software business components. We assemble your required software solution from these components, so-called component-based development (CBD), The result is robust software tailored to your business needs that can be cost-effectively acquired.

Expertise in Building Software Solutions
We have the skills and expertise to Analyse, Design, Develop, Test and Implement innovative software solutions for a wide range of industries. We continually research software and technology developments, both commercial and academic, so that we can provide the most effective ways of building software and delivering solutions. We ensure that the techniques we utilise are proven, such as for human-computer interactions (HCI) or for systems integration. We are stringent with our software quality taking the best from CMM and other approaches and we ensure the software solutions we deliver are on target and meet business objectives.

Delivering Return on Investment
Each software project we undertake is carefully managed for a realistic and tangible return on investment. We insist on ourselves that every software solution must be effective for our Clients, whether the aims are to reduce costs, increase revenues/profits or improve efficiency and competitiveness. Our success is ultimately based on our Clients success.

Customised Solutions
Our software solutions are customised to enable our Clients to address their business challenges - optimally. By customising every software solution we deliver, this allows our Clients to leverage their business strengths and maximise advantages. We normally utilise an iterative approach so that Clients can see and feel the solution as it is being implemented. The result is effective software that is tightly fitting to the business requirements.

Long-Term Commitment
We pledge a long-term commitment to our Clients for the software solutions we provide, not only in terms of ongoing support and maintenance, but also in terms of the enhancements that we can offer. As we use a component-based foundation in our software, this facilitates functional enhancements as necessary and allows the software to evolve and change to continually meet our Clients changing business demands. Like the business environment, our software is dynamic.

Business Driven
We utilise an effective approach when implementing solutions for our Clients, taking a business view at all times. We have combined our experiences of implementing software solutions across business sectors over many years, including the configuration of large and small business software packages, the development of software products, the development of bespoke software solutions and delivery of management consultancy and services.

Quality Software - Low TCO
We build software solutions either by using pre-built software and business logic components or alternatively we can customise one of our software products. This approach not only lowers TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) but also produces software that is of high quality, robust and with lower defects. We build software solutions using a range of tools and techniques, such as using Siphon, our intelligent component management system.

A Business Approach to Technology
We work across a range of technologies but are practical about each - we judge technologies on their merits both for today and for the future. Clients are therefore assured that we provide solutions optimised for their business - we view software technology as a tool. We continually exert ourselves to analyse and understand technologies whilst we communicate in business terms to our Clients. We ensure that we follow the best practices emanating from both industrial developments and academic research, and we use proven technologies whilst continually evaluating the usefulness of upcoming trends.

Breadth of Skills
We have all the necessary skills for the requisite steps when creating a software solution. We use a streamlined technique to capture our Clients business requirements, to design the appropriate solution framework, to develop and test the software solution, to provide training and knowledge transfer, and where necessary change management consultancy and project management. We work closely with our Clients so that we become involved in the success of the software solution.

Business Sectors
Our software solutions can be used across a wide range of sectors, such as Financial Services, Banking, Insurance, Pharmaceutical, Biotech, Hi-Tech, Telecoms, Manufacturing, Distribution and Retail. Although we have experience within a range sectors, we recognise that our Clients know their own industry and business best of all.

Solution Delivery
All our skilled professionals are trained to work in a client-oriented project environment. We ensure that every software development project is tightly project managed, in terms of the key areas of scope, time, costs and quality. Our Project Managers have backgrounds in commercially proven project management techniques, such as those endorsed by the Project Management Institute.

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